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The Zimmermans: Visible and Viable

A sad commentary on our society is the fact that many older people feel “invisible.”  One older person remarked, “I realized that when I walk down the street, younger people simply don't see me.  Not a glance, not a smile, none of the customary, friendly gestures we're used to in our younger days.  It was as if I actually disappeared from the sight of people much younger than I.” Some senior adults fear ridicule, so they refuse to mention their growing sense of becoming invisible.

Do we live in a youth fixated culture where people are afraid to age for fear of being vulnerable or dismissed?  Are all of our ideals of attractiveness associated with youth?

There are benefits to aging.  As we grow older, we seem to learn what to take seriously, and when to let go.  We spend less time sweating the small stuff, and more time being grateful.  We are able to focus on what is important to us and to do new things that bring joy to our lives.  Friends and family become our treasure.

Each year the Presbytery honors the contribution of one or two senior adults in each church.  This year Pinnacle Presbyterian will be saying HIP HIP HOORAY and THANK YOU to CORY AND GARY ZIMMERMAN.

During their twenty-four years as members, the Zimmermans have made a huge contribution to Pinnacle Presbyterian Church.  Gary has assisted the operation of the church as Chair of the Finance Committee and Elder.  Cory has extended welcome and warmth as a Deacon, preparing the communion table, ushering, and lending her organizational skills to kitchen order and clean up and pew duty.  Committed to beauty, the Zimmermans have been part of the Sanctuary Palm Sunday and Easter Art Project, nurturing newly planted trees on the campus, tending to the water feature in the Memorial Garden, and carefully placing decorations and Christmas and Easter flowers in the sanctuary. For seventeen years, Cory and Gary made a joyful noise as part of the Pinnacle Choir.

Both Cory and Gary have been welcoming faces at Pinnacle, serving as ushers, participating in the rummage sale, and welcoming people to the concert series.  One of their most appreciated gifts has been their gracious preparation and serving of dinner for the choir between concerts on the evening of "The Celebration of Christmas.  They were also chairpersons of Pinnacle's 25th anniversary dinner celebration.

Cory and Gary are Legacy Circle members, and have invested in the new generation of members by donating furniture for the nursery.

Sometimes it's hard to locate the Zimmermans, because they are often off traveling the world on cruises, airplanes or by car.  Other times they are off hiking or don't hear the phone because they are busy with landscaping projects in their yard or they are swimming in the pool.  They also might be wandering around community art fairs, dining out, or creating unique art projects that utilize desert saguaro spines and feathers from South Dakota pheasants.

As if this weren't impressive enough, they have also volunteered at the airport assisting travelers, participated in a community choir that entertains in assisted living facilities, and they might be seen along the highways of Scottsdale picking up trash.

Hip, hip, horray, indeed, for these wonderful senior servants who glorify God and add so much to us and to the world around them.

And the message of their lives is this:  We need to take care not to treat our important senior population as invisible no matter what our age or physical condition.  Take an extra moment to say thank you to the Zimmermans and to acknowledge the other seniors in our midst.  I say “our,” because I am one of the seniors in your midst!!!