About Echoes (of the Word)

Welcome to Echoes (of the Word), the Pastors’ blog at Pinnacle Presbyterian Church.

We hear echoes of human words in canyons, a beloved feature our Arizona landscape. We also hear echoes of Christ’s spiritual word ringing through prayer, song, preaching, and passing of peace in our sanctuary. In fact, we often call our sanctuary at Pinnacle the “Canyon of Faith.” It’s designed to evoke a canyon, as if a stream of water comes down from the heights, then splits into tributaries—the stream of Living Water flowing toward the table around which we gather, with one of those tributaries flowing toward the pulpit and cross and the other toward the organ and choir. And there is another flow, too — also from beyond us. That one flows into our baptism area. This flow waters both the Tree of Life, which becomes the cross, and the pulpit, from which we hear the Word preached. Words prayed over babies and adults in baptism, words preached, words sung, words offered in the blessing of Communion — all words to echo the Holy Spirit calling to us.

In Echoes (of the Word) pastors, and occasionally also program staff, of Pinnacle Presbyterian will offer reflections on how faith intersects with life. Never perfect or complete, we mean to be evocative, echoing, and generative for face-to-face conversation. We’re committed to offering at least one reflection each week, with occasional links to longer pieces like sermons or articles. We won’t offer space for your response quite yet, at least until we get our hiking legs, but we hope to hear from you in person. Our blog will grow in content and use as we grow with it!

Come hike the canyon with us, and listen for the echoes!