2019 Giving Campaign

The Bible teaches that we are called to be good stewards of the resources that God gives us. But stewardship is not just about tithing or caring for the earth.It is about every choice we make. Being a good steward requires knowing what God desires us to do with all that we’ve been entrusted with. In the scriptures, we hear God’s clear call to bring about flourishing in the world around us.

Biblical flourishing is missional, priestly, and outward focused, motivated to spread God’s glory throughout the earth. We flourish when we help others flourish (Jer. 29:4-7).

Stewardship takes care of the church and its mission. In doing that we want to balance the inward job of paying bills and the outward view of helping others flourish. In this document you will see the many ways Pinnacle Presbyterian Church fulfills both of these tasks.

Prayerfully consider and explore what you feel God is calling you to commit to Pinnacle’s ministries and mission.

Faithfully yours,

PPC Stewardship Committee

Special Opportunities

Consider these opportunities this fall:

  • “Mind the gap” fund: Give a special gift to put us over the top of that 28% of our budget that comes from giving that isn’t pledged ahead of time. We count on you.

  • “Stop the leak” fund: Our nearly 30-year-old irrigation system is leaking! We spend too much on wasted water, when we’d rather spend on mission. We spend more repairing when it’s piecemeal. It’s well overdue for replacement, but at a cost that the budget can’t support. $30,000 will allow us to replace the system, and save expense in the long run!

  • “Light the World” fund: $20,000 for new LED lighting on our campus will be a gift that will keep on giving, as it will pay for itself in 18 months, after which we’ll be spending less each year on electricity. Can you help with this initial investment for long-term saving?

  • “Cook the Soup!” fund: We are making good on a commitment made in 2012 to meet the dreams of families, cooks, and gathering-minded folks for a church kitchen. We’re moving forward with a full kitchen in the Fellowship Hall. Imagine what that will allow us to do for fellowship, mission, and community outreach. And it will be more environmentally responsible than how we do hospitality now. With nearly $175,000 given, special gifts of another $100,000 will get us underway.

Please Note...

All member information is carefully handled to ensure confidentiality. Upon request, members may receive personalized offering envelopes containing individual identification information to ensure accuracy.

Financial commitments may be updated at anytime by contacting Lea Reinke, Business Administrator at 480.585.9448 ext. 206.