To the Glory of God

The music ministry of Pinnacle Presbyterian Church is greatly enhanced by the presence of the Richards, Fowkes, & Co. tracker organ. This magnificent instrument adds to our worship services by encouraging beautiful congregational and choral singing as well as enabling the performance of a wide variety of organ literature. In addition the organ is used in concert, both as a solo instrument and in a number of collaborative ways with other instruments. The organ is well known in music circles and attracts guest organists from all over the world who want to experience its unique sound and beauty.

Outstanding historic traditions in organ sound quality and construction are the basis of the design of this organ. Ralph Richards and Bruce Fowkes believe that the tonal quality of 17th and 18th century German and Dutch organs has never been surpassed. These organs possess a wonderful sound that powerfully leads a congregation in song, but can at the same time be sweet and gentle, never strident or overbearing. Richards and Fowkes have reseached these historic organs diligently to find out exactly what their builders did to produce this sound, and the have dedicated their careers to building organs in that tradition.

It is with great thanksgiving that we applaud Ralph Richards, Bruce Fowkes and all the craftsmen in their shop for their work in creating this wonderful organ. And we recognize that without the vision of the Pinnacle congregation to support this endeavor, we would not have this instrument that will inspire creative liturgy and music for generations to come. To God be the glory!

The Genesis of the Instrument

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