At Pinnacle Presbyterian Preschool the classroom schedule includes a balance of active and quiet learning activities, large and small group activities, indoor play centers and outdoor play. We believe that life experiences are the basis for all learning. Our staff provides a nurturing and safe environment for each student to learn. There is a balance of teacher-directed and child-initiated activities throughout the school day.

Our teachers provide developmentally appropriate activities and individualized attention. Classrooms and playscapes are designed to encourage safe exploration, allowing children to discover, make friends and learn. The entire program is designed to be engaging and fun, so children don't just learn, they love to learn.

At Pinnacle Presbyterian Preschool we consider the environment our third teacher. Preschoolers are rapidly expanding their knowledge and mastery of the world around them. Our classrooms provide an enriched environment that nourishes each child's social development.

Through learning centers, playscapes and a well-planned day we provide many exciting opportunities for individual exploration in both small and large group activities - with plenty of teacher encouragement throughout the day.

Classroom Learning Centers

Each classroom is divided into learning centers such as:

  • A Language/Library Area filled with books and magazines to spark early language development and reading skills. 
  • A Math/Manipulative Area with materials that encourages counting, grouping and sorting. 
  • A Mini Atelier/Arts Area to explore their creativity and develop fine motor skills. 
  • A Sensory Table Area to explore their sense touch, smell, and taste. 
  • A Home Living/Dramatic Play Area for role-playing and pretending. 
  • A Kiva/Circle Time Area for group stories, songs and sharing. 

Outdoor Playground

Learning doesn't stop when the kids go outside. Just like the classroom, the playground is divided into specific areas that encourage learning through play.

Your child can choose from a variety of activities, including riding tricycles, nature study, water tables, and imaginative play along side some great sliding, climbing, jumping and much more. Every day is carefully structured to provide children with a balanced routine for learning, growing, and enjoying their day. Short, focused group activities are alternated with individual playtime.

There are small group interactions such as music class and art at the Atelier. Our teachers are experienced, happy educators who place emphasis on the development of language skills through appropriate expressions of feelings, opportunities for social interaction and building friendships.

Welcome to the Atelier

At the center of the school there is a lovely building called the Atelier. This special place is very important to the children at Pinnacle Presbyterian Preschool. The word atelier, which derives from the French language, means work room or artist's studio. Historically, ateliers have served not only as a place where seamstress, carpenters, painters, sculptors and other artists could create their products, but also as a place that could offer inspiration and answers to their questions. We believe research and self-expression were linked to the original concept of atelier. This concept led us to create a place where children use art as a tool to represent their ideas and feelings.

Here you will find a place where children want to be, a place where every child will find just the right "something" that will help them to grow, to understand, to communicate and to express their creative sides. The Atelierista is a special teacher that welcomes children's ideas and ongoing projects.