At what age should my child be baptized?

We believe that God is at work in our lives before we are even born, so we welcome children of any age for baptism. 

Youth and adults are baptized when they join the church, through confirmation (eight grade) or through a new member class.

Can my child be baptized if I am not a member?

Pinnacle welcomes members and non-members alike to present their children for the sacrament of baptism in the church. If you are not a member, we do encourage you to get to know our church family and consider membership. Life together in church community is in integral part of nurturing your child's faith. We hope that you will worship with us on Sundays, visit the nursery with your child, have a cup of coffee afterwards on the Sanctuary Patio, stop and talk with one of the pastors, or join a class.   

When do baptisms occur?

Baptisms occur within the 8am or 10am worship services of the congregation.  

Why is this necessary?

In the Presbyterian Church, baptism is an act of the community in which the congregation as a whole takes responsibility for nurturing those baptized in the Christian life, vowing: “We promise to guide and nurture these children by word and deed, with love and prayer, encouraging them to know and follow Jesus, and to be a faithful member of the church.”

Can we have godparents for our baby as a part of the service?

In the Presbyterian Church, the entire congregation takes on this role, promising to support parents in providing a Christian upbringing for their children; therefore, godparents are not required. Parents who wish to have godparents for their children are more than welcome to have them participate in the service as sponsors.

For more information please contact Lisa Boswell, Executive Assistant to the Pastor, at 480.585.9448 ext. 212 or email.