Reggio Emilia schools believe that there are three primary teachers in the life of a child. The first teacher is that of the parent, the second teacher is the classroom teacher and the third teacher is the environment.

The First Teacher - The Role of the Parent
The active participation of parents in the life of the school is an essential component of the educational experience at Pinnacle Presbyterian Preschool.

Our families are actively involved in meetings, conferences, classroom projects, celebrations and events. We want parents to be part of the school not only by receiving feedback from teachers about their child's work but also provide an opportunity for parents to engage in decisions about the school community.

Parents are aware of what is happening in the classroom through posting of daily journals and documentation panels. Teachers provide written assessments on each child's development and school provides opportunities to learn more about the development of young children through sponsored seminars and newsletters. This all supports an open environment of communication between the parents and the teachers.

The Second Teacher - The Role of the Classroom Teacher
Our teachers play a critical role in preparing your child for a lifetime of learning. All of our teachers are highly experienced educators in the development of young children. Our expectations are high and we demand nothing less than the following from our teaching teams:

  • To help children see the connections in learning and experiences.
  • To co-explore the learning experience with the children.
  • To provoke ideas, problem solving, and conflict resolution.
  • To take ideas from the children and return them for further exploration.
  • To organize the classroom and materials to be aesthetically pleasing.
  • To organize materials to help children make thoughtful decisions about the media.
  • To help children express their knowledge through representational work.
  • To document children's progress: journals, photographs, and portfolios.
  • To have a dialogue about the projects with parents and other teachers.
  • To foster the connection between home, school and community.

    The Third Teacher - The Role of the Environment
    Our environment is a reflection of our values toward children.   We believe children have a right to learn in beautiful spaces designed specifically just for them.  Both indoor and outdoor spaces are designed to provide a variety of sensory experiences.  Our classrooms are light and bright, with large windows that open to the playground and patio areas. Items found in nature are incorporated into the classroom materials and considered an important part of developing an appreciation for the world around us. Teachers carefully arrange the room and display all materials so that children can make thoughtful decisions when working and exploring. Common space is available to all children in the classroom that includes dramatic play areas, sensory tables, atelier/art center, library and reading nook, block center and worktables for puzzles and scientific learning. At Pinnacle Presbyterian Preschool our classrooms provide an enriched environment that nourishes each child's development.