Pinnacle Presbyterian Church

Haiti Initiative

Dancing with the Children

The Psalmist speaks “Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all peoples.” I did not know the true meaning of this verse until we traveled to Haiti. When God calls you to “Go” you know there is no turning back. His summons comes without confusion and escorts you to an intentional place in your life and in His plan. It was truly life changing for me. We were somewhat prepared as to what to expect but we didn’t know the emotions we would feel, actually being with the people, especially the children. Riding through the streets of Port-au-Prince was traumatic – brokenness, rubble, destruction. Your heart breaks faster than your mind can process. New perspective crowds out old thinking and through the lenses of this world, you see your own in staggering contrast. What you are experiencing begins to reset the mold for how you think and will choose to live from this point forward. Amidst all of the ruin, I saw resilience, determination, and hope in the beautiful Haitian people. They were welcoming, loving and joyfully praising God. God is at work! His love and mercy can be readily seen in many ways.

Medical clinics were established at each site where we presented music. People waited for hours just to see one of the doctors. I don’t think I will ever forget the faces of those who sat waiting with their children hoping to receive medicine and a positive diagnosis for their family. It was a sea of people sitting in the ninety-five degree temperature just hoping for some encouraging word. A few times I lost it and I had to let the tears flow.

The children we sang with were filled with joy. Their faces were expressive, their body rhythm was overwhelming – they truly warmed our hearts with their love of Jesus. At times, I thought that they were amazed to see a white person dance as we did! The audience of interested village people that collected outside of our musical arena also seemed to sense the joy that was being expressed through our universal language.

Each night our team gathered, shared unforgettable moments of the day and prayed. Each time we did, someone asked God to let us be the hands and feet of Jesus. Those same words left my lips and as soon as they did I was overwhelmed by the weight of them. Because I had spoken them, I activated the possibility of what would happen when the request was granted. While we were each at different places sorting through the emotions and putting it all together, God was carefully at work completing the small details of His bigger story.

The action of one in the body impacts many. Our team was tiny in number but mighty in heart. We worked in harmony with gratitude and praise. What difference can God make with so few who are totally connected with one mind and heart? What difference can you make when you are connected to the mind and heart of God. During the week in Haiti, we learned.  So much is possible. If you feel God calling you, I encourage you to sign up for a future mission trip. Don’t miss this part of God’s plan.

“If you have a can have hope.  If you have hope...
you have the tools that can bring you to a better tomorrow.
These tools have the power to bring you out of all despair.  
Now keep your head up...Because Anything Is Possible.” 

(from Hearts for Haiti: Book of Poetry & Inspiration by Timothy Pina)