Pinnacle Presbyterian Church

Haiti Initiative

Progress in Port-Au-Prince!

Towering above the neighborhood market stalls, the new Harmony Ministries church construction is a powerful testament to faith, love and hope.  It is solidly built with huge amounts of rebar, and awaits delivery of the metal roof which is currently being fabricated.  Meanwhile work will continue on electrical, plumbing and stucco.  If sufficient funding is available, the new church could be occupied by Easter!  It won’t be painted, the windows won’t be in, and the floor will still be a concrete slab.  There won’t be new benches or even a cross.  But it will provide a wonderful home for Harmony Ministries and shelter from the storms and hurricanes that continually ravage the country.  As Pastor Luc says, we are doing the work of the Kingdom!

The new little church and school in the mountain village of LaSalle is open now, with preschool classes for little ones and also a beginning class for older children who have never been to school.  The children are adorable and oh so polite, and the teachers are terrific.  The Pinnacle Preschool recently sent money for the school and candy for the children which was greatly appreciated.

The PPC children also made Christmas cards for the children of Harmony Ministries, even learning how to write “for you” and “Merry Christmas” in Creole.  The children love getting colorful greetings—and also getting their pictures taken!

Although there is so much to be done in Haiti, and despite all you might read in the press, there also are encouraging signs of progress.  We saw improved roads, lots of houses and buildings under construction, many children going to school and other positive signs.  There are even solar panels for street lights on the Harmony Ministries street!

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