Pinnacle Presbyterian Church

Haiti Initiative

Things are both exciting and anxious for the Cadet family these days.

Gustave has started a full-time job at a resort hotel and is doing well. He has a driver license, used car and car insurance, so is able to get to work and get about much more easily. He drove a taxi in Haiti so knows how to drive, but people drive much faster here in the U.S. where the roads are paved and smooth.

Mike has been in the hospital in preparation for a bone marrow transplant. His sisters, both donor matches, were tested to see who is the best match. His older sister Carla was selected to be the donor. As soon as all the required medical conditions for Mike are just right, the transplant will take place. With the girls in school, Mike in the hospital and Gustave working full time, it is very busy for the family. They are tired but thankful for their many blessings. They thank God every day for all He has provided, and they appreciate all the support they have received.