Pinnacle Presbyterian Church

Haiti Initiative

Vacation Bible School students... In July, Pastor Luc held a Vacation Bible School in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, which 1,000 children attended and were given a meal of beans and rice each day. Pastor Luc’s wife, Ronide, held a Women’s Conference which attracted 400 women from 30 different churches. The women studied about women of faith in the Bible. And July 10-24, a Youth Revival was held, with 600 to 700 in attendance. Folks from neighboring churches were invited to this event.

... Harmony Ministries schools opened in Port-au-Prince, Thoman and Leogane the second week of September. The remaining rubble has been used and cleared from the former school side of the Port-au-Prince property making room for the erecting of poles, which hold up a tin roof to act as a temporary school. The worship tent did not provide enough room for the school and this temporary construction will provide much needed space while the new church and school are being built. The tin for the roof was salvaged from the collapsed church.

... Work on the new Port-au-Prince church made great progress this summer. The foundation is complete, pillars with rebar are in place, and the setting of wall blocks has begun. Construction work continues with contributions of time and money from members of Pastor Luc’s church and funding support this summer and fall from Pinnacle, the Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville, N.J., and Hudson Memorial Presbyterian, N.C.

... Work also continues on the building of a church and school in LaSalle, Pastor Luc’s birth village. The foundation of the church is laid, and the foundation and wall blocks are in place for the school. Pastor Luc anticipates 150 students will attend the school when it is open. There is not presently a school in this mountainous area where his brother lives and his mother lived and is now buried. Pastor Luc’s mother died this August at the amazing age of 98.