Pinnacle Presbyterian Church

Haiti Initiative

Parents Gustave and Michelette Cadet are very grateful to be reunited and extend their thanks and prayers to everyone, including the many people they have not met, who have worked to help them and prayed for Mike. They have proof God heard us! Gustave recently traveled to New Mexico at the request of Catholic Charities to attend a conference and tell their story.

Mike, age 4, continues to be at home and is getting stronger. His hair has grown back and he spends as much time as possible riding his brand new bike with training wheels (donated by a PPC member), even sleeping with it next to his bed at night! He goes to the hospital clinic for weekly medication through a port in his arm and blood work. Unfortunately, his platelet count is lower than it should be, so that is being closely monitored. His immune system is still compromised, preventing the family from taking him to public places such as school, church or shopping, but he enjoys his sisters' company.

Gustave is still looking for a job. He and Michelette both have Work Permits, but as we all know, jobs are hard to find right now, especially with the language barrier. Another PPC member has generously agreed to tutor the family in English one night a week, which they are very excited about. Once his English is good enough, Gustave hopes to get his drivers license. He is also continuing to create beautiful cards with Haitian scenes and has started a number of orders for Christmas cards for PPC members. He is also an oil painter and is going to begin painting Haitian scenes on canvas (supplies also donated).

The girls, 11-year-old Carla and 9-year-old Djenika, are attending a nearby school where they are enrolled in the English Language Learners program that provides a part time interpreter. They love school and are thrilled to be making new American friends. Michelette and other parents from their apartment complex walk with the children to school in the morning, and meet them for the walk home in the afternoon.

If you would like more information about ways in which we can support this family, please contact Holly Fechtmeyer at or 480.350.7905.