Top Five Things

What is a Presbyterian?

Presbyterians are part of a worldwide community of believers who trace their roots to the 16th Century Protestant Reformation in Europe. Our tradition of theology and church structure is often called the "Reformed Tradition" and is inspired by the writings of John Calvin. The church has taken many expressions and developed in exciting ways over the centuries as it moved throughout Europe and the British Isles (especially Scotland) and to America. Reformed Christians now gather for worship and service all over the world and are part of the World Communion of Reformed Churches. Presbyterians are distinguished by a participatory form of church government, in which clergy and laity share in government together. We are also known for our diversity of belief, love of learning, and commitment to works of justice and compassion in the world. Among the five or six Presbyterian denominations in America, Pinnacle Presbyterian is one of the 10,000 congregations that make up the largest of those denominations, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

For more information we invite to you visit “What Presbyterians Believe?” on the PCUSA web site.

What can I expect?

Pinnacle offers two Sunday morning worship experiences that provide a relaxed, yet traditional feel along with both congregational and choral music. Pinnacle is a place where you will be welcomed into a life of faith, encouraged to be part of something larger than yourself and respected for your individuality.


What time should I plan to arrive?

Plan on arriving about 10 minutes before the service time. That will give you time to look around, choose your seat and get settled in. If you have infant children, arrive about 15 minutes early to provide time to visit the nursery and check them in. Electronic pagers are provided to parents in the event the nursery needs to get in contact with the parents during the service.


What should I wear?

There is a wide range of dress at Pinnacle Presbyterian Church. In general, most people attend in business or business–casual attire. You are, of course, welcome to wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable in church.


Where do my children go?

At the 8:00 am service, children are invited to remain in worship with their families; at the 10:00 am, families begin worship together and during the service, children are invited to church school.