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Theology is everywhere. It runs through everything we do as a church. Theology even flows out into the world. People may not think they’re doing theology, but thinking about God and what God is up to happens all the time…in many places. And it matters. In the life of faith we read and seek to make sense of the Bible. As we interpret our sacred texts, we discover ways of naming who God is, who we are as human beings, and what we’re supposed to do in this life.  When we attempt to “make sense of life,” we are doing theology. What we are seeking to do through our “Theology’s Everywhere” program is to create a framework for people in the church to do the work of theology, that is, to create space for faith to seek understanding. With that understanding we are to reason together with other one another to go deeper into the wisdom of God and the wisdom of the life of faith lived consciously and deliberately. Join us for this vibrant, faith-enriching exploration of theology and our necessity for doing the work of theology individually, in community, in the church, and in the world. 

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Michael Hegeman, Ph.D.

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