Haiti is a poor nation suffering from depleted resources, political instability, and lack of infrastructure.  Despite these obstacles, many organizations bring hope and faith to the people of Haiti, working with local Haitians to build churches and schools and deliver needed services.  Since 2008 Pinnacle Presbyterian Church has partnered with other U.S. churches to support Pastor Luc Deratus and Harmony Ministries.

In 2010 a devastating earthquake destroyed much of Port-au-Prince and Leogane, including Pastor Luc’s Harmony Ministries churches and schools.  For several years the churches and schools and all their programs operated in temporary facilities in those locations.   Today over 2,000 people regularly worship in the Harmony Ministries churches and hundreds of children attend their primary schools.  Through our relationships with Pastor Luc and Harmony Partners for Haiti we have been able to help in providing effective and much-needed assistance including food, medicines and school support as well as help in rebuilding the main church in Port-au-Prince (dedicated June 2015) and building a new church and school in LaSalle.

The Haiti Initiative seeks to:

  • Facilitate and support the ministry of Harmony Ministries and Pastor Luc Deratus to spread and live the Word of God to the people of Haiti
  • Increase awareness of the immediate and longer term needs of our Haitian partners
  • Interpret this ministry to the Pinnacle Presbyterian congregation and community in order to solicit their support and engage their personal involvement in it.

In support of these objectives we seek to:

  • Provide immediate relief, both financially and with “hands-on” support, to Pastor Luc and those in Haiti as well as locally to those who have been relocated after the earthquake
  • Provide long term support and development assistance to Harmony Ministries and Pastor Luc Provide educational opportunities for the congregation and community to learn about Haiti, Harmony Ministries and Pastor Luc, mission trip possibilities, local connections and needs, etc.
  • Provide a variety of mechanisms and opportunities to enable and encourage both financial and personal support.

There are many ways, big and small, that you can help with the Haiti Initiative.

  • Join the team: if you are willing to commit time, energy and ideas, join the Haiti team
  • Send ideas and suggestions
  • Tell us your skills that can help us here or in Haiti - work with photos, write articles, gather donations, plan trip projects, etc.
  • Help us find Haitian Creole translators to accompany our trips
  • Donate medical and hygiene supplies, school supplies and other needed items
  • Send a check: funds are needed for ongoing programs and services (food, medical care, school supplies, teachers, etc.) and for the rebuilding of the churches.

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