The Fran Park Center for Faith and Life (a program of Pinnacle Presbyterian Church) develops innovative educational opportunities for people across generations, life circumstances, and theo-political convictions, at levels ranging from introductory to advanced. Designed for both lay enrichment and professional development, the Park Center incorporates up to date educational methods. It values conversation that is responsible, civil, and challenging; teaching that is informed and respectful; and learning opportunities that serve not only the church, but also the community, city, and region. In this way, the Park Center helps develop leaders for the church and through the church, for the world.

Rooted in Christian faith, the Park Center programs help thoughtful people of faith pursue answers to questions about: Bible, Faith, Dialogue, World. Pursuing these questions together, Park Center participants move from intellectual lives into the realm of lived Christian experience.

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Welcome to the Out of the Park Podcast Ministry!  Through our podcast ministries you are able to catch up on our classes and listen to programming while you’re in your car or at home.  This ministry opportunity is an ongoing formation where theological education comes to you.  Podcasts are portable and on demand.  Turn off your radio on your drive and grow your faith, knowledge and understanding by listening to the Fran Park Center programming instead.  We hope everyone will take advantage of this opportunity as we expand our library of podcast offerings each week.


Walking the Living Stones: A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
Trip Dates: October 31 - November 8, 2020
Information Meeting: Sunday, August 18, 11:30 am | Sanctuary Classroom 2
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Summer Movie Series
with Dr. Michael Hegeman
Discussion to follow the film
Free popcorn! Other candy for purchase. Join us for the fun!
August 20 The Apostle (1997)


Princeton Theological Seminary
Certificate in Theology and Ministry 
October 7, 2019 - March 11, 2020
Cost: $500/pp includes use of computer during class, text books and tutoring
Online Program Overview: The Certificate in Theology and Ministry (CTM) is a self-paced, online program taught by Princeton Theological Seminary faculty, with aide of doctoral teaching fellows and supported by Fran Park Center staff.  It is designed for people who seek deeper theological understanding and personal enrichment.  Students of this course begin with a short introductory course and then proceed with four courses exploring aspects of Old and New Testament studies, Theology, and World Christianity.  Students can expect to study 8 - 12 hours a week, attend regular webinars, receive feedback on coursework and meet weekly to discuss the week’s coursework. Contact Kelly McGinn


Dr. Michael Hegeman
Passion Play 2020
Oberammergau, Germany | June 6 - 17, 2020
with optional 5-day extension to Switzerland: June 17-21
Space is limited to 50 people. Deposit due by January 15, 2019
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Drs. Wesley Avram & Allen Hilton
The Bible can be intimidating. This class will help us enter its strange and splendid world together, looking for what God will reveal – about who God is, how God connects with us, and how God joins us to one another and the world. This shared journey helps us know the abundant, world-moving life to which Jesus calls us.


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Dr. Michael Hegeman
Creation has long been a neglected child in biblical-theological studies; it is ground often left to creationists and naysayers. Only in recent years has the Bible's creation theology been addressed in a major way, not least because of the impact of the environmental movement. Alongside this theological shift as been an increasing pace of advancement in scientific understandings of the world. How to relate theology and science has often been a matter of contention in both church and society.

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Drs. Wesley Avram & Allen Hilton
Courageous Conversations offer one of the only opportunities available for Americans to talk through controversial political issues civilly. We tend to stay away from one another, segregating more than we have since the Civil War, and it even looks a bit like war between left and right these days. Join us and become part of the solution!

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MONTHLY: First Wednesday - 7 pm

Science, we are repeatedly told, is the most reliable form of knowledge about the world because it’s based on testable hypotheses.  Religion, by contrast, is based on faith.  When modern people hear talk about science and faith, they don’t know whether to stay silent or prepare for a heated debate.  The Fran Park Center welcomes all who wish to participate to an open round table to discuss various current topics of faith and science.


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The late Reverend Francis Park served Pinnacle as a Pastoral Associate for nine years, until his death in 2011, focusing on senior adult ministries and education. It was his inspiration that led to the founding of the Pinnacle Theological Center in 2003.    learn more