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Tellers of the Story


Some time ago I received a film catalogue through the mail which was addressed to the “Head Story Teller.” My administrative inclinations left me wondering for a while to whom I should direct the catalogue until I realized that I was supposed to be, like it or not, the Head Story Teller.

My primary responsibility is to express the Gospel through music and to encourage others to share their gifts and talents in a similar fashion. In both endeavors, I am basically sharing the story of God’s love for His people---for you and me. That story began thousands of years ago when the nomadic ancestors of the Israelites perceived an order and reason behind the universe as they knew it. The story reached its climax in the life and example of a carpenter from Nazareth whom we profess to be the Christ, God’s Anointed One. The final chapters of the story are still being written as successive generations of Christ’s followers try to live their lives according to the message he proclaimed.

The truth is that every Christian is called to be a teller of The Story. To be sure, in every age, some have been able to tell it more persuasively than others, but the imperative to share it rests with all of us. One does not need to be a priest or trained theologian to tell The Story. Some of those who have shared it most effectively have been unschooled but able to tell The Story with simplicity and with a power and persuasiveness which comes from the heart.

It should be said that when telling The Story, words are no substitute for deeds. What we do, not what we say, is always the most compelling witness we can make. Emerson was right when he pointed out that what we do often speaks so loudly to those around us that they can scarcely hear what we have to say!