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Opening Our Doors


Today marks a full week that Pinnacle has provided Childcare Camp for those parents with needs while the Education Walkout continues. We have hosted 60 kids, within 40 families; many of whom are new to Pinnacle, and what fun it has been!

Camp is from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm and we have children ages 18 months to 12 years old.  Each day Pastor Frank and I welcome families that are so grateful for this safe, fun camp so they can continue to work and keep appointments while the kids have fun with many of their school friends.  We offer Bible Study, play lots of games, have time for art, enjoy a current movie on either of our projector screens in the Fellowship Hall or Teen Center and have had many special guests stop by and share their love. 

Ethan Mackowski was our first guest, sharing his love of being on a football team and showing us some of his skills.  We talked about patience and encouraged the campers to remember the importance of working alongside one another when we have to wait for what we want. 

On Friday, Jenna England, part of our Teen Leadership Team, shared a science experiment with the children…they LOVED this!  And Jenna helped us make Slime – a crowd favorite!

On Monday, Pastor Kelsy and Calvin Brown came to visit and shared his tricks, love and acceptance.  Calvin was a huge hit and was exhausted after having 35 children petting him! 

On Tuesday, David Allen, Director of Ministries in Music & Arts came and taught the kids how to use the Chimes and encouraged them to join our Children’s Chime Choir. 43 Kids rang the chimes and learned “I’ve Got Peace Like A River.”  So fantastic!

Pinnacle Opened Our Doors and the community is so grateful.  We cannot thank our volunteers enough; Grant, Tyler, Peyton, Ava, Jenna, Jordan, Caroline, Nick, Elaine, Jan, Nancy, Beth, Paul, Nate, Christine, Pam and Dorothy providing us with lots of snacks.  We are blessed to provide Jesus’ love thru our arms.