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Children & Family Ministries This Summer


This summer, the office of Children and Family Ministries is not on summer vacation!  In fact, we are working in overdrive hosting Vacation Bible School, Wild About God 2019 Music, Mission, & Leadership Camp, introducing our new Children and Family Ministry Team & supporting the Youth Mission Trip in the Bahamas.  Summer fun has never looked so good!

Vacation Bible School took place June 3-7 and Pinnacle hosted a record number of 300 participants, leaders and many, many student volunteers.  The week’s theme took us to Africa learning ROAR; Life is Wild, God is Good.  Daily, we focused on specific Bible Stories to be reminded of God’s constant love.  Monday’s theme: “When Life is Unfair” as we learn in the Bible that the Israelites were slaves in Egypt, “God is Good”. Tuesday; “When Life is Scary” as it was when God sent the plagues on Egypt, “God is Good”.  Wednesday; “When Life Changes” as it did for the Israelites when they entered the wilderness, “God is Good”.  Thursday, “When Life is Sad” as it was when Jesus died on the cross, “God is Good”.  And Friday “When Life is Good” as we are reminded Jesus is risen and lives within us, “God is Good”.  The energy of our music, games, snacks, crafts, and science supported the amazing Bible storytelling.  Families took away God’s Love as the week ended with the amazing participation on VBS Sunday. 

Wild About God 2019 Music, Mission & Leadership Camp takes place July 22-26.  This week, we focus on the importance of being good leaders all the time, by bringing music into worship & serving God, and how, even as children, we can serve our community.  We will visit the MIM and enjoy a drum class & tour, we will pack meals at Feed My Starving Children in Mesa, and we will explore God’s creations at Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium.   We anticipate 60 participants and volunteers and could use more adults to join us – especially Wednesday, July 24 for our Feed My Starving Children outing. 

Children and Family Ministry Team kicks off Sunday, July 28th, at 11am.  This Team will: 

  • Create a Family Ministry Strategy

  • Introduce Special Needs Ministry 

  • Enhance our Presence and Love to Pinnacle Preschool Teachers & Families 

  • Support our Music Ministry with Thoughts and Suggestions for Upcoming Children and Youth Performances & the Music Mission Trip to California January 17-20, 2020

  • Educate & Adapt Safe Practices & Procedures to Ensure Children, Youth and Leaders are Safe and Prepared 

  • Plan Children & Family Ministry Events

Volunteers are needed.  We welcome those with many backgrounds; parents, grandparents, retired teachers, and students. 

The Youth Mission Trip begins Saturday, June 22, and we return Sunday, June 30.  37 Students, Chaperones and Children and Family Ministry Staff will serve Haitian Refugees in Nassau, Bahamas.  We will work alongside a mission organization, Praying Pelican, as we tile a church floor, install a playground slab for student’s outdoor play time, and host Vacation Bible School. 

We would love to have you participate with any of these amazing opportunities.  The more we encourage our children, youth and families, the better our church family becomes!