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A Thanksgiving Blessing


I would like to share with you my favorite Thanksgiving blessing.  It has been recited inside prison walls, in hospital rooms, at hospice bedsides, in treatment centers, and in homes throughout America and Canada.  I can close my eyes and hear voices uttering the gracious words giving thanksgiving to God.  It is a wonderful prayer to use as a table grace.  We can never be too grateful.  I wish you all a blessed and grateful Thanksgiving.

Bless the meadows,
Bless the deer,
Bless our loved ones,
far and near.

Bless the apple-
scented air,
Bless the food
that we prepare.

Bless the beaches,
Bless the birds.
Bless the tender
shapes of words.

Bless the cities,
Bless the geese,
Bless the fragile
wings of peace.

Bless the mountains,
Bless the streams,
Bless our starry,
borrowed dreams.

Bless the moon
And bless the sheep
And bless the stranger
sound asleep.

                     -Eileen Spinelli