Project: BIBLE

Thursdays 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Sanctuary Classroom 2
Co-taught by Drs. Avram and Hilton

The Book of Genesis - Creation

16-17 JAN        The Beginning
Genesis chronicles the highs and lows of humanity…in three chapters. It tells creation’s glory, then modulates into the minor key of human frailty. This book knows God and us. (Genesis 1—3)

23-24 JAN        The Fallout of Frailty
Human frailty leads to human harm, and the God we meet in Genesis quickly grows weary of that damage. As drama builds through the violence of Cain and Abel and Noah’s faith, you and I get another glimpse at the best and worst versions of ourselves. (Genesis 4—11)

30-31 JAN        A Family Affair
Heaven’s response to frail humanity takes a strategic turn when God turns to one family that will bless the whole world. The spotlight turns to Abraham and Sarah, who learn the hard way how to trust a faithful God. Watching them, we ask how faith happens in us. (Genesis 12—17)

6-7 FEB            God Will Provide?!
What does God demand? Once Abraham has finally received all the blessings God promised him, he runs headlong into the ultimate test of faith: will he trust God – even with his family? By the way, will we? (Genesis 18—24)

13-14 FEB        Love Actually
Isaac’s family has problems! Brotherly hate shows up a second time (remember Cain and Abel) in the story of Jacob and Esau. But somehow, grace makes its way into a very graceless-seeming place – for them and for us. (Genesis 25—36)

 20-21 FEB        Forgiveness in Technicolor
Sibling rivalry’s third act takes us from a technicolor dream coat through a slave trader’s wagon and into an Egyptian tale of triumph, loss, triumph, and reunion. Get ready for the wild ride of Joseph and his brothers, as we see the high degree of difficulty dive that is forgiveness.