Project: BIBLE

Wednesdays 7:45 PM - 8:45 PM

Isabella's Kitchen - 8623 E Thompson Peak Pkwy
Co-taught by Drs. Avram and Hilton

Our IMPActs study took us backward through Acts to the start of the church. Luke now lets us continue that momentum all the way back to Jesus’ birth. We’ll stand at the cross and empty tomb, then walk back through Jericho and Galilee with Jesus the teacher, and finally make our way with the confused couple to a Bethlehem manger. Join Dr. Allen Hilton for this compelling look at the Christ Who came at Christmas.

Nov 28/29
The Death…and Life
Poets like T.S. Eliot and theologians aplenty have pictured the shadow of the cross cast over the manger. What do we learn about the Jesus of Bethlehem from his dying and rising? What do we learn about ourselves? Strangely, we’ll start our Advent study on the far-off cross of Calvary.

Dec 5/6
The Mission
This Jesus who died and rose first lived robustly, generously, and transformatively. This session will shepherd us from the house of the wee and woeful tax collector Zacchaeus to the dire world of a girl nearly dead, a woman displaced, and a town utterly irate. From these episodes emerges a vivid character whose life is built for others.

Dec 12/13
The Beginning
We annually crane our necks to behold angels and shepherds and farm animals and an innkeeper. The familiar nativity scene comes alive and jumps off the pages of Luke as we read it with ancient eyes and then bring it home into our lives. Bring your open minds and hearts, while we see how the cradle of Bethlehem harbors OUR King.