Over fifteen hundred years, faithful leaders, inspired by God, helped their people ask who God is, what God was doing, and what that meant for the world. These writers didn’t know they’d become a team; but they did, when first Jewish then Christian leaders gathered the letters and books that most helped them answer these questions. The Bible is the product of that God-devised ancient teamwork. The Park Center helps learners begin with the Bible to ask those same questions today: who is God, what is God doing, and what does that mean for us all?


What does a living, thinking faith look like in our time? Believers have worked to answer that question in ways that speak to and shape the faith generation after generation. We call attempt to understanding a living faith ‘Theology.' We believe that God invites us to gather at a learning table with our predecessors, to reason with our contemporaries, and to piece out what it means to be Christian disciples in thought, word, and deed.


It has been said that truth is the life force of democracy. But there is rarely simple agreement among us about what is true. People of faith have their own stake in truth, and in the kind of communities, conversations, and relationships that make it possible to both discover and serve what we believe. And we seek to do no harm to each other on the way. To serve this ideal, the Park Center develops programs, dialogues, educational events, and curated materials to encourage and add value to honest dialogue about important questions. We are convinced that reasoned and respectful dialogue is an important path to truth, and so holy in itself.


Our world is as perplexing as it is fascinating. Living between God’s creating love and human freedom, we believe that faith is the best lens for making sense of it all. We therefore develop ongoing programs, online opportunities, and one-time learning events designed to help us understand the world we live in. Ongoing programs have included a monthly gathering to explore issues in the relationship between faith and science and annual learning pilgrimages. Occasional events include lectures from international peacemakers, series on topics of national and international concern, and an annual lectureship.