One Change at a Time

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Project: Bible - Week 3: Sept. 20/21
Dr. Wesley Avram
One Change at a Time (Romans 12:9-12)

Maybe you’re like me: when I get inspired, I want to change everything at once. I schedule my day from 5 AM to 11 PM with self-improvement in fifteen ways…and it never works. In his excellent book, The Power of Habit, Charles DuHigg cites brain scientists (yes, those guys again!) and suggests taking on one habit at a time. The four verses of Romans 12.9-12 list EIGHT changes. Wisdom says let’s do one at a time. How will you and God land on the next thing to change?

“Researchers have found that when people start exercising habitually, they often start eating more healthily, they also tend to use their credit cards less, they’re less likely to procrastinate at work. Creating just one new habit can spark changes that touch every part of how we live.” Charles DuHigg “Change One Habit to Change Everything”