Pinnacle Promise describes the commitment of members and friends of Pinnacle Presbyterian Church. We want to be a blessing to our neighbors in greater Phoenix and throughout the world. We want to make the love of Christ known to a broken world. We will form partnerships with individuals and organizations that share our dream of a just and compassionate world. This is the promise we hope to embody.

 As a program of Pinnacle Presbyterian Church, Pinnacle Promise is composed of congregation-wide initiatives designed by leadership teams, led by a variety of efforts, and intending to find ways for people at various places in their lives to participate—from children and families, to teens, to working adults and retirees. You can support this program by providing financial assistance, volunteering one time or regularly, participating on mission trips, making connections, joining teams, designing programs, and more. Initiatives have specified business plans and are funded by giving outside of the normal mission budget of the church.Currently Pinnacle Promise initiatives are two in number. One is our Homelessness Initiative, which has many opportunities for involvement. Another is our Haiti Support Initiative, made up of a number of ways we are supporting the work of Harmony Ministries in Port-au-Prince. 

Prayer Team

This team meets monthly to pray for the people we serve – all the various agencies and the various teams that give their time and talents. To join the team or more information, contact Margaret Ebert by email.