Pinnacle Presbyterian Church


Theological Center Renamed

At its September meeting, the session voted unanimously to rename the Pinnacle Theological Center to honor the pastor whose vision of high quality adult education for church and community gave birth to the Center, Rev. Fran Park. Many of our members remember Fran, who served for several years as our sometimes part-time and for a while full-time Pastoral Associate for Senior Adults. Fran passed to the church triumphant at the end of 2011. Through the programs of the Theological Center, Fran encouraged us to imagine Pinnacle as a place of reflection and conversation on important concerns of the day. His vision bore fruit with lecture series, and workshops on education, immigration, social witness, faith and work, community concerns, faith and science, and more.

The work will continue and expand, now under the umbrella of the Fran Park Center for Faith and Life (a program of Pinnacle Presbyterian Church). We can call it the Park Center, for short! We thought you might want to know.

Development of the Center will be directed by our pastor, Wes Avram, with the support of our part-time Theologian in Residence, Allen Hilton, and our part-time Center Administrator, Crystal Anderson.

Pinnacle is grateful to Fran and to his wife, Sue, for their faithfulness to Pinnacle and to this great vision.