Pinnacle Presbyterian Church


Guest Organist at 10AM worship on Sunday, January 15

Pinnacle is pleased to welcome Dr. Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra, visiting composer and organist from Ann Arbor, Michigan, to our 10AM worship service on January 15, which will be a special service remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.  Throughout the week, Dr. Ruiter-Feenstra will be a guest of Pinnacle Presbyterian Church as she records her upcoming CD on the Richards, Fowkes organ, and works with our choirs. The 10AM service will feature of a number of her original compositions: "MLK’s March” (sung by the Pinnacle Kids' Choir and Canyon Singers); an original hymn "Too Often, God, Your Name is Used" (for the congregation, Chancel Choir, and organ); and a benediction "May the Peace That Passes Understanding."  In addition, as a Prelude to the 10AM service, she is playing an original composition titled "Fantasy Gigue on 'How Bright Appears the Morning Star' " from her Epiphany Escapades.

About her Prelude, Dr. Ruiter-Feenstra writes:  
"Epiphany Escapades is comprised of three sections, each representing one of the magi and his corresponding gift (and Easter Magi modes). The star appears as trills in the high registers, while the feet play the role of the Camel Caravan on the pedals. The first king enters ponderously, heavy, like gold, a valuable earthly material that symbolizes that Jesus is King, and shows the human nature of Christ. The second wiseman slips in mysteriously, wafting like (frank)incense-the gift representing the divine, heavenward nature of Christ (frankincense is indigenous to Ethiopia, from whence this magi may have come). An earthquake announces the third astronomer, grievingly, like myrrh, an embalming oil, and the gift that foretells Jesus' death. As they near Bethlehem, the magi and their camels begin to canter in gigue rhythms that climax in a majestic setting of the first and last phrases of the chorale, "How Bright Appears the Morning Star."

This piece is one of the works Ruiter-Feenstra will be recording on Pinnacle's Richards, Fowkes organ this week for a CD that will appear on the Fleur de Son label later in 2017. She is grateful to the congregation at Pinnacle Presbyterian for their vision in installing such a beautiful organ that leads congregational singing so well, and for the opportunity to share that beauty via this recording.

We heartily welcome Dr. Ruiter-Feenstra to worship this Sunday!