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Haiti Initiative

Cadet Family Update: April 14, 2010

Mike Cadet, left, enjoys a game of soccer with friends in the Valley. Mike Cadet, left, enjoys a game of soccer with friends in the Valley.

In coordination with other agencies, Pinnacle’s Haiti Initiative Team has been extending a helping hand to a Haitian family whose 4–year–old child Mike was evacuated to the United States with his father Gustave following the earthquake.

Mike is being treated for leukemia at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and needs a bone marrow transplant.

The rest of the family, Gustave’s wife and two younger children, are in Port–au–Prince living in very poor conditions; Gustave is staying in a furnished apartment in Phoenix arranged by Catholic Social Services.

Gustave Cadet and his son Mike Gustave Cadet and his son Mike

An amazing number of people have stepped forward to help this family, who speak French and Creole, in a variety of ways. French speakers have visited with Gustave and helped him navigate the complexities here. Phone service and Internet access have been arranged so Gustave can communicate with people in Haiti. Mike has enjoyed a “play date” with one of our families. Both Gustave and Mike are trying to learn English.

Efforts are being made to get the rest of the family here quickly because siblings present the best opportunity for bone marrow compatibility, plus Gustave fears for their safety and the family longs to be reunited. Through various high–level contacts, arrangements are being made to procure passports and Humanitarian Parole visas for the family.

Mike’s doctors and nurses, the hospital social worker, Catholic Social Services and PPC members have arranged for airfare, are working on sponsors for the family here, are expediting the process to get visas, are managing the logistics in Haiti and here, are helping with food and necessities here, and are providing much–needed emotional support and caring to this faithful Christian family.

This is literally a life–saving mission for the family, and a demonstration of the power of care and prayer.