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Haiti Update: March 31, 2010

A tent city in Haiti A tent city in Haiti, following the 2010 earthquake

Pinnacle Presbyterian Church is part of a consortium supporting Pastor Luc Deratus and Harmony Ministries in Haiti. Pastor Luc returned to Haiti on March 31. He planned to give out rice and beans and a bit of money for charcoal to members of his church on Good Friday. He is preparing for 1,300 people.

On Saturday, he will gather a group of widows to receive beans, rice and a can of fish. This is a group that Pastor Luc’s wife Ronide started, which meets the last week of each month. The women pray together and share joys and cares of life. The group usually numbers 60 but Pastor Luc is preparing food for 100, because regulars are invited to bring friends who are living alone.

He says the people on the street seem depressed and frustrated. Those living in the tent cities are being asked to move because they squat on private land. The people are resisting as a show of solidarity while making a statement to the government that they will not move until they receive help.

Despite all the challengers, Pastor Luc’s spirit is up. He says he is encouraged because he knows he is not by himself; he has our church consortium helping and supporting him.

Below are photos Pastor Luc sent this week. They show the collapsed church, clean up of the church site, people waiting to see the doctor, church under the tent, and tent cities.

Here are photos from the event. To see a larger version, click on one of the photos below. Then click the right side of the larger image to continue to the next.

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