Pinnacle Presbyterian Church

Haiti Initiative

Back to School; Digging the Foundation

Work begins on Port-au-Prince church foundation Work begins on Port-au-Prince church foundation

During September, Pastor Luc was in Haiti, overseeing the work of setting the foundation for the rebuilding of the Port-au-Prince church. He also oversaw the tearing down and removal of the rubble of the building that held the pharmacy, medical offices and children's chapel, which had been damaged beyond repair in the earthquake. The rubble will be used as fill material for the new church's foundation. Pastor Luc was able to get government machinery for removal of the building through a member of the church who knows one of the presidential candidates; this candidate is in charge of Public Works.

After a brief visit with his family in Miami and a visit with us at PPC, Pastor Luc returned to Haiti on Oct. 7 and will stay the entire month. He is helping with the opening of the Harmony schools in Port-au-Prince, Thoman and Leogane.

Children in Thoman, Haiti Children in Thoman, Haiti

He will have a new tent constructed in Port-au-Prince for the school and for worship because the tent that had been used was partially taken down when the medical building was razed. Pastor Luc will oversee the building of the new church's foundation in Port-au-Prince and facilitate talks between the Arizona and Port-au-Prince engineers.

With a gift from a Lawrenceville, N.J., church member, Pastor Luc purchased a used auto for use in Miami (a 1998 Toyota with 200,000 miles!). His wife, Ronide, is very happy to have improved transportation, making it easier to get their children to school.

Pastor Luc is upbeat and refreshed. He said beginning the work on the Port-au-Prince church and his visit at Pinnacle Presbyterian Church has enlivened his spirit.