The Fran Park Center for Faith and Life (a program of Pinnacle Presbyterian Church) develops innovative educational opportunities for people across generations, life circumstances, and theo-political convictions, at levels ranging from introductory to advanced. Designed for both lay enrichment and professional development, the Park Center incorporates up to date educational methods. It values conversation that is responsible, civil, and challenging; teaching that is informed and respectful; and learning opportunities that serve not only the church, but also the community, city, and region. In this way, the Park Center helps develop leaders for the church and through the church, for the world.

Rooted in Christian faith, the Park Center programs help thoughtful people of faith pursue answers to questions about:

Bible        Theology          Church & World          Faith Experience

Pursuing these questions together, Park Center participants move from intellectual
lives into the realm of lived Christian experience.

Classes, Events & Pilgrimages


NEW - Project Bible (formerly Bible for Dummies)
with Drs. Wesley Avram & Allen Hilton
Wednesday: 5:30 pm Chapel Library
Wednesday: 8:30 pm Isabella's Kitchen (8623 E Thompson Peak Pkwy)
Thursday: 9:30 am Chapel Library

Looking for a CHANGE? The word “TRANSFORMATION” engenders hope. But resolutions notoriously fail and the Apostle Paul’s words ring truer each year: “the good that I wish I do not do!” How can we be changed? This powerful Christian question will occupy the first six Pinnacle midweeks this Fall, both in our new worship service and in Project: BIBLE.

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NEW - Theology is Everywhere
with Dr. Michael Hegeman
Sunday: 9:00 am, Chapel Library
Monday: 9:30 am, Chapel Library

The Fran Park Center for Faith and Life will be inaugurating a core theological curriculum, Theology is Everywhere!, in its first year of implementing congregationally based theological education. This will include twelve weeks of “Theology Foundations” that will help congregants build a framework for delving more deeply into the life of faith through discussions, through which we endeavor to have faith seeking understanding, knowing, doing, and being.  In the second twelve weeks we build upon those foundations by exploring “Theological Perspectives” of predominating strains of Christian thought and by delving into the issues that face the interplay of “Church and Society” in our own day. We propose that each six week session have a “wrap up” evening program for participants to share insights they have gained through their studies and discussions.  

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Courageous Conversations
with Drs. Wesley Avram & Allen Hilton
Monthly: Sundays 9/28, 10/15, 11/12 & 12/17 at 11:20 am
Given American incivility and open disdain for our religious and political opposites, Christian churches have two options: we can fan the destructive flames or develop the holy habit of respectful, other-honoring engagement across our differences.

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MONTHLY:  First Wednesday - 7 pm

Interface: Faith & Science Roundtable
Monthly: First Thursday at 7 pm
The Round Table is open to all who wish to participate in discussions of specific topics related to faith and science. We will read and discuss brief writings on faith and science, use multimedia resources, and invite members of the Table to share their own areas of interest.


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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD):
So Many Who Come Home Don’t Really Come Home

Thursdays 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
with Prof. Barry A. Goodfield, Ph.D.

Trapped in horrific memories that refuse to fade. Closed off. Fearful in an endless war with themselves. Unless you’ve been there yourself it’s almost impossible to comprehend the debilitating curse of PTSD. These are the people who fought and sacrificed for us. They were our shield against adversity and the defenders of our beliefs and values. This will be powerful and it will touch you emotionally. Ultimately it is about us all and the way we deal with the world around us.

September 12 - PTSD - The Roots of Despair - Lecture, Video Demonstration with Group Discussion
September 17 - PTSD and Our Unconscious Mind - Lecture, Video Demonstration with Group Discussion
September 24 - PTSD The Tools to Find The Long Road Home - Lecture, Video Demonstration with Group Discussion

About Prof. Goodfield
Dr. Barry Goodfield is a Licensed Certified Marriage and Family Therapist. He has assisted individual clients and families for more than 35 years with their issues and concerns. Dr. Goodfield specializes in identifying the unconscious nonverbal signals known as Non-Verbal Leak (NVL). His work is based on a unique patented psychotherapeutic process. Dr. Goodfield has shared his method with psychiatrists, psychologists, senior corporate executives, attorneys, and cabinet level officials around the globe. He is Founder of Operation New Outlook, a non profit organization that works for and with veterans to enhance their quality of life by treating Post Traumatic Stress. He founded the Goodfield Institute LLC in the USA and The Netherlands. He is chairman of The Goodfield Foundation for the Study of Conflict Communication and Peace Building, an NGO in The Hague. Also Chief Executive Officer of the Goodfield Media Group.

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Walking the Living Stones
A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Israel and Palestine
December 28, 2017 – January 6, 2018

The Holy Land is often called "the fifth gospel," as it tells the "on the ground" story of Israel, Jesus, and the encounter of world religions. We will walk ancient stones, meet "living stones," and learn of God. We will welcome a new year in one of the most storied and beautiful places on earth. 

This trip is being sponsored by the Fran Park Center for Faith and Life and will be led by our Pastor, Dr. Wesley Avram, who had extensive experience in the Holy Land, our Theologian in Residence and trained bible teacher, Dr. Allen Hilton, and our Park Center Administrator, Ms. Crystal Anderson. Local arrangements are being made by the Authentic Tourism Program of the International Center at the Christmas Lutheran Church in Bethlehem. 

This trip is currently FULL, but you can contact Crystal Anderson, Park Center administrator, about future pilgrimages.


WEEKLY:  Wednesdays at 5:30 & 8:30 pm Thursdays at 9:30 am

Bible for Dummies
with Dr. Allen Hilton
Weekly: Wednesdays at 5:30 and 8:30 pm, Thursdays at 9:30 am
See if this describes you: You’ve always wanted to read the Bible; you’ve thought you should; you’ve been curious. But it’s such an imposing, big, forbidding looking book, that you’ve never quite taken the leap. And you’re embarrassed that all the people in Bible Study will know so much more than you know.

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About Rev. Fran Park

The late Reverend Francis Park served Pinnacle as a Pastoral Associate for nine years, until his death in 2011, focusing on senior adult ministries and education. It was his inspiration that led to the founding of the Pinnacle Theological Center in 2003.    learn more