The Fran Park Center for Faith and Life (a program of Pinnacle Presbyterian Church) develops innovative educational opportunities for people across generations, life circumstances, and theo-political convictions, at levels ranging from introductory to advanced. Designed for both lay enrichment and professional development, the Park Center incorporates up to date educational methods. It values conversation that is responsible, civil, and challenging; teaching that is informed and respectful; and learning opportunities that serve not only the church, but also the community, city, and region. In this way, the Park Center helps develop leaders for the church and through the church, for the world.

Rooted in Christian faith, the Park Center programs help thoughtful people of faith pursue answers to questions about:

Bible        Theology          Church & World          Faith Experience

Pursuing these questions together, Park Center participants move from intellectual
lives into the realm of lived Christian experience.


$25 per family/household unit
for entire six week series
Registration Closed

5:30 pm  |  Pacific
6:30 pm  |  Mountain
7:30 pm  |  Central
8:30 pm  |  Eastern

LECTURE  DATES:                                      
June 11, 18, 25
July 9, 16, 23

Do you ever want simply to know, “How do faithful people live?!” If so, The Letter of James is your book. It’s short on theory and long on practice. It offers wise words about integrity (practice what you believe), the temptation to speak harm (the tongue is small and dangerous), money (no preference for the rich), war (it happens because of people’s greed), prayer (we should do it), etc. It is so unlike Paul’s letter to the Galatians and Romans, that Martin Luther wasn’t sure it should stay in the New Testament. But stay it has, and we’re better for it. This letter has helped generations of faithful Christians to live out their faith in the world. Join Dr. Allen Hilton for this six week summer bible series through The Letter of James. All lectures will be presented online via and offered live in all four time zones. Instructions and Zoom credentials will be emailed once registration is complete.


Summer Movie Series
Hosted by Dr. Michael Hegeman
6:00 pm  |  Teen Center  |   Discussion to follow the film

Popcorn and candy available for $2.
Movie seating available or bring a picnic blanket and join us for the fun!



August 14 The Good Lie
A group of Sudanese refugees are given the chance to resettle in America where their encounter with an employment agency counselor forever changes all of their lives.


Project Bible
with Drs. Wesley Avram & Allen Hilton
Wednesday: 5:30 pm Chapel Library
Wednesday: 8:30 pm Isabella's Kitchen (8623 E Thompson Peak Pkwy)
Thursday: 9:30 am Chapel Library
In a world searching for solid truths, Christians ought to gather and listen as God speaks through scripture. That's our purpose in Project Bible: to stop and listen to what scripture says - first to ancient ears, then to ours - so we can live our lives on sturdy ground. Doing this with integrity moves us to understand what our Bible writers meant in their original context - the historical milieu for these writings - so we can ask what they mean to us now. From Jesus' teachings to Jesus' actions to Paul's proclamation of good news, we listen together for the Word of God.

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Theology is Everywhere
with Dr. Michael Hegeman
On hiatus for the Summer | Will resume October 7, 2018

Theology is Everywhere meets weekly to dig into God’s Word to discover what God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, has revealed about our common life as people of faith.  Dr. Michael Hegeman discusses the art and science of doing theology, applying what we discern about faith to every aspect of life.  Our lives are immeasurably enriched by the comfort and challenge God imparts to those who seek love and serve both God and neighbor.  Please join us weekly this spring to dive deeper into the wisdom of God with such topics as 20th Century Religious Movements, Theology and War, Economics, and Human Sexuality.   We’ll explore the ways we as Christian people respond to our changing and challenging world. 

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Courageous Conversations
with Drs. Wesley Avram & Allen Hilton
Americans divide when we disagree; but Jesus calls Christians, who often disagree, to “be one”. Americans disdain other theological and political ideas than our own; but Paul imagines that our variety is actually a gift of God, like the different parts of the body.  At the Fran Park Center, we think Jesus and Paul are wiser than contemporary American culture, so we host “Courageous Conversations” about controversial topics, to bring us together across our theological and political differences. Through these, we learn the holy habit of respectful, dignified engagement with people who may just be God's incognito messengers to us.

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 MONTHLY:  First Wednesday - 7 pm

Interface: Faith & Science Roundtable
Science, we are repeatedly told, is the most reliable form of knowledge about the world because it’s based on testable hypotheses.  Religion, by contrast, is based on faith.  When modern people hear talk about science and faith, they don’t know whether to stay silent or prepare for a heated debate.  The Fran Park Center welcomes all who wish to participate to an open round table to discuss various current topics of faith and science.

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Certificate of Theology & Ministry
powered by Princeton Theological Seminary

Partnering with Princeton Theological Seminary to bring you direct access to the Spring 2020 cohort of C:TM + ONLINE. A peer-to-peer, online theology and ministry certificate created for those interested in grounding their ministries—both personal and professional—in socially relevant and scholarly theological education. This 14-week certificate is designed to develop deeper critical engagement with a weekly live-virtual classroom with Princeton professors and weekly contextualized case studies with your cohort at the Fran Park Center.


About Rev. Fran Park

The late Reverend Francis Park served Pinnacle as a Pastoral Associate for nine years, until his death in 2011, focusing on senior adult ministries and education. It was his inspiration that led to the founding of the Pinnacle Theological Center in 2003.    learn more