Pinnacle Presbyterian Church

Daily Devotions

Monday, December 4, 2017


Written by: Marsha Vanderwerff  |  Contemporary Worship Music Leader

Advent is a season of waiting and expectation. As a young working mother, I spent the weeks before Christmas in a frantic whirlwind of what most do: shopping, cooking, wrapping, decorating, attending concerts and preparing special music at church. That was then, and now I make an effort to slow down, refuse to be “caught up” in the commercialism of more, more, more.  

My children are grown. My family and I do not need nor want a gift. It is time spent together that matters. I cherish the memories of Christmases past and look forward to the present. I now realize that it is not so much the “doing” that is important but the “being.” By being present in this season… I can be patient, waiting and resting in the peace of knowing God comes down to us, now, as a tiny baby.  Human. One of us. God with us. He loves us that much. And best of all, I rejoice in the music that fills my heart and stays on my lips…O come, Emmanuel… He brings peace, He brings love, He brings hope to a world in need… and this hope calms our fears and His love never fails. He brings peace, joy, love and liberty.

Prayer: May the spirit of peace remind us to just be in the season, and allow the rejoicing to seep into our hearts, and fill us with the joy that is “Christ with us.” Amen.