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Recently, Apple created a new commercial for Siri with the help of Cookie Monster, our friend from Sesame Street and the lover of all cookies. He asks Siri to set the timer, and Cookie Monster must wait for 14 minutes before the cookies are done. 
After seconds, Cookie Monster is struggling to wait and asks Siri to help him pass the time. He listens to music, plays with hand puppets, and watches the cookies bake. Not even a minute has passed and he is completely bored. If you haven’t had a chance to see this video, please do so soon because it will bring a smile to your face. 
What makes the video so great is that we have all had those Cookie Monster experiences where the time cannot go by fast enough. We can’t wait to get on our summer vacations, to get through the morning traffic, or complete a difficult project. 
The opposite is also true, when it feels like the days go by like minutes and nothing seems to slow down, when we are running from one project to another or we are up early and go to bed late.
One of the biggest challenges in our walk with God is time, because God’s timing is never our timing. Sometimes it seems like everything has a timer that never goes off fast enough. We ask God to fix a problem and we rush right back in to solve the issue. On the other hand, we have asked for help, and we are watching the time go by and it seems like the answers never come. We feel like we wait so long that it might be easy to believe God doesn’t care.
The challenge is that we live with a timer, period. Whether it seems to be going too fast or too slow, we have already decided how long something should take. Life is not like a batch of cookies where there is a set amount of time that each event, life experience or challenge is going to take. 
God’s time is about this moment. Jesus promises to be God with you. To wipe away every tear from your eyes. Know every hair on your head. This moment is awaiting a unique and beautiful opportunity with new life. Right now. This moment is special and God is in it whether good is happening or not.
This moment will be gone soon whether it is filled with joy or sorrow, excitement or worry, fear or contentment, rage or hope, anger or peace. The challenge is that living in the present means we have to let go of the shoulds, oughts, ifs and can’ts in our lives. We have all felt one or another of these, and they only keep us from seeing what God is doing right in front of us. You can choose to live with God’s timer that runs minute by minute, or ours, that either lasts too long or goes too fast. But remember, in God’s time, everything always works out. 
Enjoy this moment by watching Cookie Monster await his delicious cookies by clicking here.