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My favorite moment from the Ryder Cup this weekend had nothing to do with any of the golf shots. It was the brief interview with Bubba Watson after the tournament was complete. In short, Watson, who many could have argued should have been playing for team U.S.A. was not chosen to be on the team. He waited until the 11th hour to learn that someone else was picked for the last player’s spot. However, he was invited as a vice-captain, playing a behind-the-scenes-role supporting the team. 

In this interview following the final matches, Watson said, through some emotionally charged tears, “As a God fearing man, I love to help and I love to give. Finally I found my place on the team is to help… This is the greatest thing that I have ever done in golf. I am so happy for this team…The greatest thing I have ever done in my career…” I was mostly struck with the sheer humility and honesty his comments displayed. I was amazed to hear that this was the greatest thing he had ever done in golf. Think about that. Bubba has made millions. He has won 12 professional tournaments. He is arguably, one of the most recognizable sports figures in the world. All that, and he still says that walking side by side supporting those who needed him was the greatest thing he has done in his career. 

I don’t know Bubba Watson, but I know how he feels. Sometimes in life God takes these situations and moments when we feel we have been compromised or reduced and uses them in big and mighty ways. I am sure Bubba was disappointed not to make the team and it would have been easy to stay home altogether. But, Bubba put himself in a new, perhaps awkward position and courageously leapt into the unknown. 

In Matthew, chapter 14, Jesus, while standing on the water, calls Peter out of the boat. We all know the story and most of us remember one thing. Peter loses focus among the wind and waves and starts to sink, a metaphor of his lack of faith. However, I don’t think his sinking is the real story. I think it is his courage. His friends all stayed in the boat. Peter was the only one who had the courage to step out into the unknown. Sometimes we need to step into the unknown to see how God can use us. Of course, we always run the risk of sinking, especially if we move without faith, but if we don’t step out of the boat, we never know what we can do. Remember, Peter was walking on the water before he started sinking. And, that is more water than any other human has ever walked upon! Just like Peter, all we need to do it take the first step. God will do the rest.