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Have you ever told someone the story of yourself?  Mine might begin something like, "Once upon a time, there was a little red-headed girl named Kelsy. She loved learning and being with her family, but her favorite thing to do was help her grandma bake her famous cinnamon rolls." The story might tell of my favorite Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls that my grandma made for me, a pivotal high school class, choosing a college, becoming a pastor and so much more. In between the highs of my life, there would also be stories I might want to hide or pretend didn't exist, like mistakes made, challenges worked through and tears that were shed. 

I wonder if these are the things that someone else might tell about me. Would my story be unknown? Would it tell of my achievements and failures? Or would it tell a different story of God's justice being lived out and a God who loves us enough to lead us through the dark valleys to the place we can rest in His presence.  

The truth is that no matter what we or others say about our story, God’s story of us is filled with his unending love and grace bigger than any mistake or sin we make. The Holy Spirit is moving in and around us and we have the freedom to be called into his constant presence every single day.

Whatever your story includes, know that God's story of your life is beautiful, good and filled with hope. May we all live into that story.