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A Christian Should Be An Alleluia From Head to Foot

St. Augustine of Hippo once said “A Christian should be an ‘Alleluia’ from head to foot”.  When Lent arrives each year, we put the “Alleluia” away for a while, and sorely miss it.  It’s always a joy and a relief when it appears again in the liturgy at Easter!

It’s bad enough having to refrain from using the word “alleluia” throughout Lent and focusing on sacrifice, but it is harder still to hear the words “Our Lord is dead.”  We feel the pain and emptiness of that truth when we say it and hear it.

But then comes Sunday and we are refreshed, renewed, and re-energized with one simple word: “Alleluia!”  The word is so powerful we wrap it in the wonderful announcement: “He is risen! He is risen indeed!” What a prelude to the one word that fits all Christian traditions in all languages on earth and in heaven:  “Alleluia.” 

Sing it with all your heart.  Sing it with tears of joy. Sing it in the face of death.  Sing its light into darkness.  Sing “Alleluia!”

In our last congregation in London, Ontario, the children were given little bells as they entered the sanctuary on Easter Sunday morning.  Their assignment was to listen for the word “Alleluia.”  Every time they heard it they were to ring their bells.  It brought such joy to all. 

Sing and live your alleluia.  Ring your bell to the heavens!

Click here to enjoy a little Alleluia.