Pinnacle Presbyterian Church

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Being Church to the Grieving

Our church has had more than its share of memorials these past few weeks, saying goodbye to long-time members and parents of members.  We call these services a Witness to the Resurrection.

One of the most important things we do as a church is support the families of those who have lost a loved one as they go through the grieving process.  Our deacons provide a complimentary reception following these services to allow members and friends time to laugh and cry together, to share hugs and memories. 

Attending a memorial service reminds us that this world is not our final resting place and that none of us is promised tomorrow.  It helps us focus on what is eternal and to keep our daily struggles in perspective.  It also gives us brief glimpses into the lives of amazing people who come through our doors each week.  I have often left a service wishing that I had known the person better.

If you are able, come to the memorial services.  Come to remember.  Come to celebrate.  Come to be reminded of God’s promise of eternal life.  Come to regain perspective.  Come because we are a family, God’s family.  Come to hug your brother or sister in Christ.  Come even if you don’t know the person who died – you will know them when you depart.

Come to learn what God has done in their life and what God might be calling you to do with yours.