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Faith Questions Across the Generations

Pinnacle’s Confirmation Class begins this month and as a part of the registration and orientation process, I have asked 8th grade students, their parents, and mentors to write down their questions about God and faith.  It is a good list of honest, fresh and deeply faithful questions that people from different generations are asking.  It is a good chance to hear the questions of the young people among us, while also affirming that asking questions and searching for answers is a part of the life-long task of faith. Faith isn't just about cerbral acceptance of certain religious truths. Authentic faith is alive, it's interactive. A living faith makes requests, it holds to hope, it expresses deep longings, joys, fears, and doubts. A living faith embraces mystery, and asks questions. A livng faith is alive becuase it is rooted in relationship with the God who is both mystery and the One who holds all our days. 

Here is a sample of what’s being asked this year:

  • What are sacraments?
  • How is worship planned?
  • Who chooses the songs we sing in worship and why do we choose them?
  • Who is John Calvin?
  • Why was there a Reformation?
  • Why are we confirmed in 8th grade and not any other grade?
  • What does Confirmation mean?
  • How do we know God is with us?
  • How am I supposed to pray?
  • Can God be trusted?
  • Why do we have long sermons?
  • Why do we have the passing of the peace?
  • Why are we sprinkled in water and not dunked when baptized?
  • How is being Presbyterian different from other denominations?
  • Are the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit all God?
  • How do I know God really listens to my prayers?
  • Why does God let good people suffer?
  • How do I know that Christianity is the one true religion?
  • How does God know what is going on with everyone at once?
  • How is Christianity unique?
  • Can I still believe in God if I believe in aspects of other religions?
  • Is it anti-Christian to believe in reincarnation?
  • Is it wrong to question the Bible?