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Finding Spiritual Connection

These last few weeks I returned to a spiritual practice that I have not done in awhile: Lectio Divina. Lectio Divina, a Latin term meaning, "divine reading," is an ancient practice of listening for God while reading the scriptures. It can be done alone or in community. The idea is to read through a brief passage of scripture several times, listening with your heart for a word or a phrase that sticks out to you, and reflecting where God might be speaking to your life. Sometimes there is a word or a phrase that will stand out immediately. Other times, there is not.

I love this practice for all kinds of reasons. Namely, I love that it is a very simple practice that puts me in touch with my inner life and thus finding communion with God. My life is so busy and chaotic that slowing down and listening with my heart takes practice. It forces me to go against the grain all the ways that I might normally engage life: fast paced tasks full of constant stimulation, speaking instead of listening, processing with my head not with my heart all before falling into bed exhausted at the end of a long day.

I think if we neglect our spiritual lives, we neglect our full humanity. For the truth is that whether we seek after God, God is always seeking after us. When I talk with parents about nurturing faith in their children, I remind them that they dont have to create faith in their children. Their children already have an experience of faith. God has planted a seed of faith in every child and our job is to nurture it. If we dont nurture it, it doesn't go away it just atrophies. It is like what happens to your muscles if you don'y go to the gym: they atrophy. The same is true for adult spirituality. We need intentional practices that nourish our souls.

Lectio Divina is not a practice for everyone. But if you have ever struggled to hear God's voice above all the other voices, if you have ever lost touch with your heart, or your spirit, or ever wondered about the work of the Holy Spirit, it might be worth spending time listening for God- not with your mind but with your heart. You might be surprised what you hear and the way it grows your soul.