PTSD Dimensions – Psychological, Social, Spiritual

Thursdays 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD):
So Many Who Come Home Don’t Really Come Home
with Prof. Barry A. Goodfield, Ph.D.

Trapped in horrific memories that refuse to fade. Closed off. Fearful in an endless war with themselves. Unless you’ve been there yourself it’s almost impossible to comprehend the debilitating curse of PTSD.

These are the people who fought and sacrificed for us. They were our shield against adversity and the defenders of our beliefs and values. This will be powerful and it will touch you emotionally. Ultimately it is about us all and the way we deal with the world around us. 

September 12
PTSD - The Roots of Despair -
Lecture, Video Demonstration with Group Discussion

September 17
PTSD and Our Unconscious Mind
Lecture, Video Demonstration with Group Discussion

September 24
PTSD The Tools to Find The Long Road Home
Lecture, Video Demonstration with Group Discussion

About Prof. Goodfield
Dr. Barry Goodfield is a Licensed Certified Marriage and Family Therapist. He has assisted individual clients and families for more than 35 years with their issues and concerns. Dr. Goodfield specializes in identifying the unconscious nonverbal signals known as Non-Verbal Leak (NVL). His work is based on a unique patented psychotherapeutic process. Dr. Goodfield has shared his method with psychiatrists, psychologists, senior corporate executives, attorneys, and cabinet level officials around the globe. He is Founder of Operation New Outlook, a non profit organization that works for and with veterans to enhance their quality of life by treating Post Traumatic Stress. He founded the Goodfield Institute LLC in the USA and The Netherlands. He is chairman of The Goodfield Foundation for the Study of Conflict Communication and Peace Building, an NGO in The Hague. Also Chief Executive Officer of the Goodfield Media Group.