Project: FAITH

Monday, November 12, 9:30 AM - Monday, November 12, 10:30 AM

Sanctuary Room 2
with Dr. Michael Hegeman

World Christianities: Each week we will explore the different ways that the Christian faith has taken shape and flourished among the world’s cultures and peoples. Encountering the faith of Christians of different cultures teaches about our own embrace of faith and how our culture has shaped the way we see Jesus and his Church.

Week 6: Christianity among Native Americans
Christianity was first introduced to the people of the Americas when the Europeans began arriving on these shores over five centuries ago.   Sometimes conversion came with military, political and economic force.  Catholic and Protestant missionaries often accompanied European expansionists, bringing two dominant forms of European Christianity and European culture.  Despite the many negative encounters between Western peoples and the many Native peoples, Christianity has had a significant impact among the Natives of North America. These Native Christians have a lot to offer the world with their unique perspectives on Jesus and God’s message of reconciling love.