Project: FAITH

Sunday, November 4, 8:45 AM - Sunday, November 4, 9:45 AM

Sanctuary Room 2
with Dr. Michael Hegeman

World Christianities: Each week we will explore the different ways that the Christian faith has taken shape and flourished among the world’s cultures and peoples. Encountering the faith of Christians of different cultures teaches about our own embrace of faith and how our culture has shaped the way we see Jesus and his Church.

Week 5: Christianity in East Asia
Christianity came to China as early as the fourth century, although this form of the faith did not thrive there. In the last 150 years, Christianity, following in the footsteps of Buddhism, has made major in-roads in the hearts and lives of Chinese, Korean, and other Asian peoples. The world’s largest and fastest-growing Christian churches exist in Asia. Asian Christians bring a passion and fervor for evangelism that brings the love of God in a new way to millions of people.