Courageous Conversations

Sunday, October 14, 11:30 AM - Sunday, October 14, 12:30 PM

Teen Center
with Drs. Wes Avram and Allen Hilton

Courageous Conversations offer one of the only opportunities available for Americans to talk through controversial political issues civilly. We tend to stay away from one another, segregating more than we have since the Civil War, and it even looks a bit like war between left and right these days. Join us and become part of the solution!

Talking Taxes: Why and How Should Governments Raise Revenue?

Every population in history has complained about taxes, but every nation has levied them. That’s why Benjamin Franklin wrote to a friend, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Americans are divided, both on how much we ought to be taxed and to what expenses those revenues should be applied. Join Dr. Allen Hilton and a room full of your variously-opinioned, faithful friends for a lighter-hearted Courageous Conversation on taxation.