Courageous Conversations

Sunday, April 15, 11:15 AM - Sunday, April 15, 12:15 PM


Does God Belong in the Laboratory?

Disdain for religion is far from universal among scientists.  While religious groups continue to challenge scientists in areas as diverse as evolution in the classroom, in-vitro fertilization, AIDS prevention, and stem cell research, scientists who embrace religion are only beginning to speak about their faith.  “It should not be a taboo subject, but frankly it is,” says Kimberly Bussey, Ph.D.  Although they embrace religious faith, these scientists also embrace science as it has been defined for centuries, noting that science done well should neither preclude nor require God.  Their belief in God challenges those scientists who regard religious belief as little more than magical thinking.  Their faith also challenges believers who denounce science as a godless enterprise.  Many on both sides of the “debate” say simply that science and religion are two separate realms. Yet for scientists who are persons of faith, the scientific enterprise can be an act of worship. Join us on Science Sunday as we discuss God vs. Science!