Courageous Conversations

Sunday, March 18, 11:20 AM - Sunday, March 18, 12:20 PM

led by Drs. Allen Hilton and Wes Avram

What Place Does Politics Have in Church?
The relationship between churches and the American government has ridden a circuitous route over the 242 years of our republic. On the one hand, the Johnson Amendment dictates that religious organizations who endorse specific candidates in elections lose their tax-exempt status. On the other hand, politicians customarily ask God to bless America at the end of their speeches, "In God We Trust" remains on our money, and other aspects of our collective political life bring religion into its mix.

In this context, Christians and churches do well to ask “What do faith and politics have to do with one another?” The question becomes particularly acute in a church like Pinnacle that does Courageous Conversations, surrounded by a culture that brings politics to awards shows, sporting events, Thanksgiving tables, and almost all other venues where we gather. For a church, how much politics is too little? And how much is too much?

It’s a hard question, and we need your voice and wisdom, so please join Dr. Allen Hilton as he asks just this question in our next “Courageous Conversation.” All are welcome!