Courageous Conversation

Sunday, November 12, 11:20 AM - Sunday, November 12, 12:20 PM

Pinnacle Chapel
led by Drs. Wesley Avram and Allen Hilton

Immigration from Christian Perspectives — Counting Our Assets
A Courageous Conversation

There is a natural and healthy human tension between safety and welcome. We all define for ourselves how much to keep to ourselves and how much to risk and how “let people in” — to our lives, to our homes, and to our space. The political issue of immigration in the United States has become a hot button, zero sum, we win/you lose battle. But it does not need to be that way. The protectors and the welcomers can be two voices that work together on a good way forward. Join us Sunday for Session One of our two consecutive Courageous Conversations, called "Immigration from Christian Perspectives”.