Bible for Dummies

Wednesdays 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Growler's Pub
5415 E High St.

Led by: Dr. Allen Hilton
a program of the Fran Park Center

See if this describes you: You’ve always wanted to read the Bible; you’ve thought you should; you’ve been curious. But it’s such an imposing, big, forbidding looking book, that you’ve never quite taken the leap. And you’re embarrassed that all the people in Bible Study will know so much more than you know. Plus, there’s never been a class time that fit your schedule. Our new Theologian in Residence, Allen Hilton, knows how you feel. He’s a Bible guy — loves it! — knows you will too, so he won’t rest until you have your best shot at enjoying the Book. Allen will offer an inviting new study called “Bible for Dummies” that is built for you.